The linkin park experience


After the passing of Chester Bennington, Trip Cahouet, Joshua Long, and Sanjay Vemuri, three members of the Linkin Park Community, organized a memorial at Jiffy Lube Live Amphitheater in Northern Virginia. After performing together for the first time and being asked how long they'd been playing, it was clear to them that they had something special. They decided to keep playing together and keep Chester's memory going strong.

Trip Cahouet


Trip Cahouet began drumming and taking lessons at the age of 13, drawing inspiration from early but pivotal influences including Linkin Park, System of a Down, Blink-182, Green Day, and more.  With particular emphasis on Linkin Park, he studied their live shows and creative processes in fervent detail from their DVDs with a long-term but youthful fantasy of having his own band.  Seeing LP for his first ever concert, meeting them multiple times at LPU meet & greets, and having multiple opportunities to talk with all of them (including Chester) in person gave Trip the confidence to take his creativity and musicality further through his adolescence into his adulthood.  Subsequently, Trip started and managed bands he drummed for in high school and booked shows in the DMV in the midst of his school schedule.  Picking up more influences along the way, including Slipknot, Dream Theater, and Tool he earned his B.A. in Music & Sound Recording at The University of New Haven in 2016.

Trip Cahouet currently drums, manages, and tours with the Baltimore doom/grindcore/noise duo Earthworm von Doom.  With Earthworm von Doom and the Linkin Park Experience being his active bands, he’s cut his teeth playing with the thrash/death metal hybrid Aura Awake (formerly Area 52), the Connecticut-based progressive funk band Strawberry Cheesesteak, a “Jazz-Rock” ensemble in college, and various other rock and metal-based projects over time.  When playing music doesn’t occupy Trip’s time, he works freelance in show production for Baltimore Soundstage, Ramshead OnStage, Maryland Hall for The Creative Arts, and most recently The 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise.

JoshUA long


Joshua Long grew up in Baltimore Md in a pastor’s family of 7. His love for music began at the age of 10 when he started taking private piano lessons. At the age of 16, Josh borrowed Linkin Park’s Reanimation album from a high school friend. Linkin Park not only became his favorite band but inspired Josh to pursue a music career of his own. Over the years this led to his graduation from the University of the Arts with a Bachelors in Music in 2008. As a talented multi-instrumentalist (keys, guitar, bass, vocals), Joshua has produced, performed, and written with various bands and artists. His most current band Essential Vybe plays regularly around the DMV region. After Chester Bennington’s untimely passing, Josh reached out to Sanjay Vemuri to help with a candlelight vigil in honor of the late singer. Through One More Light: The Linkin Park Experience, Josh hopes to honor the late rock vocalist and the impact the singer had on his life as well as the lives of others.

Arnold Quiroz


Arnold has been a resident of Northern Virginia all his life, just like Linkin Park has resided throughout his life.  Inspired in every way possible by Chester, he is honored to be performing the music that not only thrilled him in his childhood, but has helped him through some dark times as an adult. As most fans would claim, Linkin Park made music that just drew him in unlike like any other band or artist could. Arnold claims that whenever he was on YouTube, there would not be a day that he wouldn’t watch videos of Linkin Park, or even Chester in Dead By Sunrise or Stone Temple Pilots, performing live, and that continues to this very day. Not being able to afford going to their shows in the past made going to his first Linkin Park show in 2012 during the Living Things Tour all the more special that he says was “one of the greatest days of my life.” While Linkin Park is his all-time favorite band, his other inspirations include Three Days Grace and Saosin.

Arnold had gained an interest in playing music at the early age of 9. Growing up, he decided to explore that interest through strings and percussion and volunteer at choir events from his school and parents’ church groups early on. Although he spent the most time learning percussion, he would eventually be more drawn to singing, ending his high school years with choir and eventually making it a hobby in his spare time. From experimenting with songs at karaoke to practicing open mic material with friends, he has strived to improve as a vocalist and continues to learn. Making his debut as a vocalist for a band, Arnold looks forward to not only be a part of this project, but also to his future in music.

Virak sath



Virak (V-Roc) Sath has been DJing since 1998. He was originally introduced to DJing from Indie dance music in and around Washington D.C. From the music roots of Jungle, Drum and Bass to Hip Hop music he fell in love with the art of turntablism. He is influenced from battle turntablist groups such as the Invisible Scratch Pickles, Beat Junkies and the X-Ecutioners. Along with turntablist groups, Virak is also influenced with a number of bands that have integrated the D.J. within the band, such as Herbie Hancock, Incubus, and Linkin Park.

Virak has put on hip hop shows throughout the Washington D.C. area since the late 90s and has opened up for local and national acts such as Slick Rick, Logic, Mambo Sauce and Oddisee. He has also toured throughout the east coast with indie acts such as Flex Matthews and Educated Consumers during this time. Virak is the co-founder of the Mid Atlantic Scratch League which brings together turntablists throughout the region. He has also put together monthly D.J. jams in the Washington D.C. Area.

Sanjay Vemuri


Sanjay has been playing music since he was 4 years old, starting with the violin, and picking up the piano, drums, and eventually his favorite, the guitar along the way. His largest influences have been 311, Incubus, Linkin Park, OneRepublic Maroon 5, and his 8th grade guitar teacher Mr. Reddington. These days, Sanjay is putting his skills to use playing the Shinoda parts in the Linkin Park Experience. When not playing music, he enjoys volunteer work and watching his Lakers, Dodgers, and Raiders lose meaningful games.